What Are Yoni Eggs?

A Yoni Egg is an egg-shaped crystal that that you insert into the vaginal canal to strengthen your pelvic floor, vaginal walls, and re-sensitize the sensual energy existing in that space.
It has been recorded that women have used this practice for over 2,000 years to maintain amazing health and power through older age, while keeping their sexual energy full and alive.
Some of the phenomenal benefits you can experience are:
  • Increase in libido 
  • Intensified orgasms that can result in ejaculation
  • Reduction PMS, menstrual cramps, and a lighter flow during menses
  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles
  • Increase in natural lubrication of your Yoni
  • Other amazing benefits can include emotional and spiritual awareness in conjunction with meditation and exercises

Being intentional with your Yoni Egg practice will unlock the best results, so it is best to set an intention with your crystal egg upon receiving and refer to our "How-To Guide" that you will receive with your egg.