Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

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Black Obsidian is an amazing Yoni Egg for clarity and healing. Black Obsidian magnifies negative energy so it can be confronted and transmuted into healing energy. It penetrates deep levels of the subconscious to learn about the true self. Black Obsidian will bring past traumas to surface so that they can be released from the self and make room for rebirth. 

This stone is great for infertility issues because it breaks up energetic blocks and moves stagnation. It is excellent for increasing the blood flow in the Yoni which can be very healing for infertility issues. It is also a very protecting stone that can help you rid the energy of past lovers that no longer serves your higher self. Black Obsidian combined with5 a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg is a great combination for rediscovering self love and healing.

Our Yoni Eggs come in both drilled and non-drilled. For Beginners we recommend drilled so that you can feel comfortable knowing that if you want to remove your Yoni Egg you can no matter what. Drilled eggs do not require any muscle power to remove or “birth” on your own as a non-drilled egg would require. Although we trust that all women can figure out how to remove a Yoni Egg if needed, we do not want anyone to put unnecessary pressure on themselves to do so, so early in their practice. A drilled egg can also be used in advanced practices, which you can read more about in our blogs.

We also have eggs in small, medium, and large. Although it might seem counterintuitive, we recommend the large for beginners or the medium (specifically for Nephrite Jade because its very heavy). Since most beginners do not have the strength in their vaginal muscles to do advanced Yoni exercises we recommend building that strength up with a larger, heavier egg. Read more in our blogs to learn about Yoni exercises and using your Yoni Egg as a beginner.

Since our crystals are 100% naturally sourced, each one is unique and does not contain any chemicals or dyes.

Measurements are approximately:

Small: 30mm x 20mm

Medium: 40mm x 25mm

Large:  44mm x 30mm