• healing inspired by pleasure

What is Yonigasm?

Yonigasm is an experience of sacred pleasure and healing that happens when we use nature + intuition to guide us.

We are sexual beings on a journey to find our magic. We encourage self-love. We please ourselves and we heal ourselves. Our most intimate moments are inspired by the healing work that we do internally.

We invite you to try a new self care routine, of sacred play and healing. We offer tools to help you create ceremony + ritual in your womanhood. Crystals, herbs, oils and intuition is what we are inspired by.

“My yoni egg has changed my life. When I first purchased my Jade egg, I thought, this could help me with some pelvic floor issues, but I had no idea how many benefits I’d experience in such a short period of time. I feel like my Yoni is re-sensitized, as if it’d been numb before! I have not had sex with it yet, but I will say that having sex after actively using it has been ORGASMIC. Don’t hesitate to get yours. Thank you Yonigasm!”

Nicole C.

“Before purchasing my Yoni steam herbs, I was hesitant! I have never steamed prior, but I’ve used my Yoni egg sine purchasing from Yonigasm last year. These herbs literally helped me get rid of BV that I’d been fighting for months. I feel like this is a reliable solution moving forward and I can finally ditch the awful antibiotics.”